What If You Didn’t Have a Prototype Store?

What If You Didn’t Have a Prototype Store?

If you didn’t have a prototype store, shopping would be better for all of us. Without the need for cookie cutter stores locked into three main store sizes, all stores would be more interesting. Local artisans would rejoice, because there would be more stores that would carry their goods. The startup culture would flourish even more, because people would readily be able to see the impact that smart products make on the local community. People would spend more time outdoors, because there’d be more green spaces in place of the massively oversized box stores filled with unsold inventory. Retailers would be able to adapt to changes in the market and consumer preference, meaning digital and physical would be seamlessly working together.

Ah, what a wonderful world it would be without prototype stores. While we’ll likely never get all the way to this shopping utopia, we should move closer to achieving it over time. Our lead article this month goes in-depth into the anti-prototype portfolio model. We like to call it Retail Portfolio Strategy. Learn about the ways brands are already making progress and discover hope for the future of retail.


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