What If Amazon Launched Their Own Delivery Service?

What If Amazon Launched Their Own Delivery Service?

Is this the Amazon Century? It very well could be. Especially if they were to launch their own delivery service. The digitally born e-commerce giant is synonymous for their 2-day delivery, but what if they streamlined the delivery even further and you got that perfect potted succulent the day you ordered it instead of two days later? And what if that succulent was a few bucks cheaper?

Having full control over their deliveries, from the time they leave a merchants’ warehouse to the moment when they reach your doorstep, would likely result in reduced cost and time. Bad news for longtime rival, Walmart, who just launched 2-day delivery. Saving the consumer time and money is what Amazon is all about, so continuing to optimize the supply chain to take this one step further seems like a no-brainer. Maybe the question should be, when will Amazon launch their own delivery service world wide?


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