What if Best Buy was a Showroom Store?

What if Best Buy was a Showroom Store?

Recent research we conducted revealed one unequivocal thing: Showroom stores are viewed as the single most influential innovation to potentially drive purchase today. They have broad appeal, being the most sought after innovation across demographics. Interestingly, for both Digital Natives (under 30) and Digital Immigrants (over 40), Best Buy scored high in brand awareness, with Digital Natives being 90% and Digital Immigrants 93%. So, what if Best Buy leveraged their brand awareness and the showroom strategy to turn the entire store into a showroom?

News of the brand opening Amazon Alexa and Google Home “experience stores” suggests this isn’t too far off. Best Buy also has a strong physical presence across the US. Opening a showroom store in a community where they already have a loyal customer base, a trained labor force, and a supply-change system at the ready makes for a far easier and more profitable transition.

Instead of consumers experiencing the technology in store and searching amazon to ship to their home, they’d be able to experience every product on site, buy it right there and ship it home. Maybe even beating you home. It seems like a no-brainer because this strategy would allow Best Buy the ability to create more value by answering questions with a friendly associate and demonstrating how it fits in real life right there on the spot. So, this model seems customer-made for Best Buy.

Two questions then: If they opened a showroom store, would you shop there? Also, Dear Best Buy, what in blazes are you waiting for???!!!!

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