What If your only options were Amazon, Walmart and Third Wave stores?

What If your only options were Amazon, Walmart and Third Wave stores?

Amazon expands into ‘brick & mortar’ by testing (and launching) Amazon Go, Amazon Fresh, Amazon Campus and Amazon Lockers. Amazon buys Whole Foods. Nike announces they’ll start directly selling through Amazon. Walmart buys Jet.com. Walmart buys Bonobos and Modcloth (two predominantly online retailers targeted towards younger buyers). Walmart remodeling hundreds of stores and improving the in-store pick-up experience. Sound familiar? We dare not whisper the “m” word with regards to the domination taking place between these two retail giants. Could it be there comes a day when the only choice for consumers is Amazon & Walmart? Likely not – because of a little something we like to call the Third Wave of retail. Third Wave retailers take the best of mom & pop shops and mass retailers to create an experience that is emotional, meaningful and provides a social ethos. It’s a combination of local service and product knowledge coupled with innovation, co-creation and a significant brand expression. It’s where quality reigns over price and customers feel an emotional connection to the brand within a physical or online space. The Third Wave is small, but mighty.

So what if it came to those three choices for all of us? Wait…


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