What If Amazon Ate Retail?

What if...

At only 19 years old, Amazon offers enough products to fill nearly half of the Walmart Supercenters located in the U.S. But the question is, will Amazon eat retail? Constantly evolving and adding product categories, brick-and-mortar stores will be on the lookout for the Godzilla of retail.

Amazon currently has over 183 million products.

  • That could stock 1,290 Wal-Mart Supercenters
  • Their office products could stock over 483 Staples stores
  • Their tools & home improvement products could stock over 120 Home Depot stores


  • Yes, it is fun to speculate whether retailers might be fatally wounded by Amazon.

    But it is way more fun, and much cooler, to project that Amazon itself is at risk, for the disruptive effects of digital communications technologies that change the way brands and consumers interact.

    Imagine sixth-sense technology that lets product and content companies bypass Amazon; and consumers search, find and buy what they want, while preserving their privacy.

    No more digital distributors.

    Now there is a bright new future.

    Cheers to all.

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