Do you Like Using the New Chipped Credit Cards in Store?

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Do you like using the new chipped credit cards in store?

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  • I simply wish it was evenly implemented across retailers with the same card procedure at checkout.

  • I don’t mind them. I think the perception of them being slower is due to the fact you are watching the machine waiting for it to process, whereas before you would swipe, put the card back in your wallet, and then sign it. Kind of like waiting for a pot of water to boil. The only thing I find unnerving is the fact that I haven’t had to provide my signature for large purchases.

  • I find that the speed in which these operate vary greatly by retailer. The most frustrating thing for me is the process has not been universally adopted yet so you are never sure if it’s chip or swipe which only adds to the confusion/speed of transaction. Also – some have several extra steps (debit or credit – which by the way – if it’s a credit card – why isn’t it smart enough to know that and even have to ask?), some have multiple debit questions, “regular debit” or “MasterCard debit” (what’s that??), cash back or none, signature or none, etc that all add to the transaction time. When in Europe, I LIKED the fact that my card NEVER left my possession in restaurants as they would bring their battery operated chip machines to the table. Not the case in the US thus far. Any fast food or dining transaction still requires the server/cashier to take your card from you to process the transaction which still creates huge security issues. Lots of bugs to work out in my opinion but I appreciate where it will ultimately get us regarding security.

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