Samsung Global Flagship

Deepening the connection with customers

In recent years, South Korea-based global electronics giant Samsung has plunged itself into the forefront of mobile innovation by transitioning from a follower to a leader in technology research and development.

Samsung engaged WD Partners to design their global flagship store as a vehicle for this high profile brand expansion. This 12k sq. ft. mother-ship is designed to empower and inspire through technology engagement and discovery.

WD developed a retail integration strategy that presents technology as primary medium for bringing people together through rich interpersonal connection. This experiential retail shop is divided into lifestyle-specific zones that allow customers to experiment and better understand how Samsung’s entire family of products complement and communicate with one another. Creative cross-merchandising encourages and inspires customers to consider new product combinations meant to simplify their lives.

Project Location - South Korea

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  • Beautiful design – great flow – maybe just for this presentation but far far to many ads on those big screens – about them and not the customer. Do you really think the customer cares about you ads…….

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