Bob Evans

Brand reinvention

Bob Evans

The request from Bob Evans, a casual family restaurant, was to help them stimulate faster growth of new restaurants by creating a cost-effective prototype with enhanced performance.

A re-engineered kitchen and back of house helped Bob Evans perform with industry benchmarks, to reduce operation costs and increase productivity.

The goal was to elevate the brand presence and expression to connect and appeal to a younger customer demographic. Research was done to determine where investments needed to be made in various sales layers that would offer the greatest ROI.

By creating an integrated design model (Revit), the team was able to:

  • reduced the restaurant footprint by over 15%
  • resolved issues prior to construction
  • expedited time to market
  • reduced building inefficiencies

The Bob Evans’ and internal teams worked seamlessly together on an integrated design process during the 9 month project to uncovered opportunities within construction and restaurant design to cut costs.

Bob Evans

Bob Evans

Bob Evans

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