You Can Call Me AL

You Can Call Me AL

By Andre W. Lozano

2018 has been such a rad year, but like you, I’m really hoping to know ahead of time what’s going to happen in business in 2019. Everyone likes a good predictions list, so here’s what I think:

  1. Amazon will make another acquisition. They have nearly $30 billion in cash on hand and Bezos is bound to go shopping! Possible companies I think he could be interested in that can supplement the Amazon brand and service are: Lyft, Target, any bank, Facebook, Sears, Warby Parker, any airline, StubHub and Pfizer or Bayer.
  2. Facebook makes changes due to data/privacy issues. The platform is too large to fold, but I expect big changes in structure, strategy and direction.
  3. Apple will make an acquisition this year. Sony or IBM could be possibilities. These companies are candidates that supplement Apple’s brand nicely.
  4. Cannabis retail continues to explode.
  5. Legalization of sports betting in 2019 brings a new business model to play within the sports entertainment industry.
  6. Disney’s new digital platform rollout will give Netflix a run for their money. Disney has the content and brand to generate massive subscriber growth right off the bat.
  7. Frictionless retail and two-day shipping will be an expectation.
  8. Not everything is so optimistic though, the stock market will correct itself and inflation will spike leading to the beginning of an economic slow down. Not a ton of optimism here but trying to predict the whims of the stock market is about as futile as trying not to laugh at a Kevin Hart or Jamie Foxx comedy show.
  9. Companies will be, or claim to be, more humanitarian in focus. Whether it be by taking care of the planet, or by helping raise the standard of living, companies focused on bettering society will get a lot of headline space.
  10. Shoppers’ attention will remain focused mainly on social platforms for pre- and post- purchases. Brick mortar retail & web store fronts will be a place for branding and last minute affirmation with the transaction. Pre-, during and post-purchase needs to work together otherwise you could be in a little bit of trouble. 😉
  11. Speaking of trouble for status quo brands … who’s going to be the “new” emerging brand(s) to shake up the market in 2019? Much like Allbirds emergence, I think one or more upstarts will show up in 2019.

One last thought as we get this year rolling is I want to see big brand/companies step up their game. Let’s be honest Uber and Lyft should never have happened, a taxi corporation should have created that. Netflix should never had happened, Blockbuster should have created that. Casper should have never happened, a mattress factory should have created that. I can go on and on with examples of how big brands/companies are just “sleeping” and being complacent. Big brands, let’s wake up and think long term for your brand… the short-term game sure is good on your pocket, but not investing long-term allows someone else to steal your share.

Here’s to a more exciting 2019!

See you around,


Andre Lozano
Andre W. Lozano
Account Manager
WD Partners