WDCast: What’s on the Other Side of This?

WDCast: What’s on the Other Side of This?

We interrupt your regular programming for more COVID-19 news!

In all seriousness, we decided to create a special series of WDCast episodes (both in podcast and video form) where we talk to experts about just one thing: what comes after this? We’ve hand-selected a group of damn smart people (in our humble opinion) that also happen to be on the front lines, talking and working with retailers and restauranteurs every day about how to move forward.

Below you’ll find highlights from the first four episodes in this series, as well as links to listen to the full episode or watch their dazzling faces in the flesh discuss the most pressing issues brands are facing now and how to move forward.

Jeff Arps, Sr. Director Business Development
Your BOPIS Is Showing

If you weren’t implementing BOPIS before this pandemic, you definitely are now! Mostly because you weren’t given a choice;) But that’s okay, because there is no time like the present to learn, adapt and do it all again. The time is now for brands to invest in their BOPIS programs—what does this crucial service look like for a specialty store, a grocery store and a restaurant? In this episode Jeff and Lee Peterson discuss what the post-COVID shopping experience looks like, what brands are already winning at it and why restaurants need more than a drive-thru to make it in this new and crazy time.

Listen to or watch the full episode here.

John Bajorek, SVP Strategic Growth and Innovation
When Size Doesn’t Matter

Let’s discuss the haves and the have nots. Which retailers and restaurants will come out on top on the other side of this? Some of the larger retailers that made early on investments will continue to not only scale but grow and even have permission to expand their products and services. Yet, size alone won’t protect a company, it will come down to where they are in their distribution strategy, exclusive products and pricing, and the dependencies or opportunities that they see through service & labor models. In this episode John and Lee discuss a pragmatic outlook on the rest of 2020 and predictions on who will survive.

Listen to or watch the full episode here.

Jody Wasbro, SVP Strategy & Experience Design
It’s Not a Straight Line

Circular, back & forth, roundabout and all the ways in between getting to what’s next after all of this won’t be a straight line for many brands. The idea of testing & learning has never been more necessary. As the landscape continues to change how are consumer expectations also changing as they embrace the idea of ‘contactless shopping’ and begin to reengage in a physical shopping experience. Jody sees the ‘wins’ as being the brands walking the talk. Those that are helping their communities, customers & associates in a purposeful way. In this episode, Lee & Jody discuss trends like delivery, order ahead, and BOPIS that have been accelerated due to the crisis, as well as the opportunity for brands to blur the lines of their offering (services, products, community involvement) to come out on top.

Listen to or watch the full episode here.

Joanne Heyob, SVP Operations Strategy & Design
A Game of Operations

Grocery stores have been hard at work figuring out ways to get customers in and out, replenish shelves and keep associates safe. They’ve been able to muscle through it so far, but there are many operational considerations and logistics to finetune including labor, technology and equipment. The demand of curbside pick-up, delivery to home, and contactless payment is changing the industry not only today but in the future in ways that are yet to be seen. Retailers have changed their operations more in the last 6 weeks than they have in the last 10 years and things are just getting started. Joanne joins Lee to discuss how brands have to experiment with different ways of shopping (pick-up, delivery, showroom) to meet the needs of their customers and what operations considerations come into play along the way.

Listen to or watch the full episode here.


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