Expanding collaborative work environments one WeWork at a time


The dreaded open work environment. Endless cubicles. Freezing cold offices. Blazing hot conference rooms. Spotty WiFi. None of the above are elements today’s worker wants to deal with.

Enter WeWork. Beautiful, inviting, inspiring, collaborative workspaces built with community in mind. As the co-working culture grows and more people continue to work remotely, WeWork is in the perfect position to capitalize. Now with locations in 32 countries, the future of co-work is WeWork.

Global Work with a Local Feel

WeWork approached WD to manage its continued rollout of locations on the East and West Coasts of the United States and across India. One of our key tasks was to ensure each location embraced the community feel by incorporating elements of the local cultures. Elements today’s employee wants to see in a work environment.


Behind the Curtain Is Where the Magic Happens

But a lot of behind-the-scenes A&E meetings had to take place before any murals could adorn the walls. We relied on our thorough understanding of the industry’s unique demands and our proven history of process-driven efficiency to allow us to capitalize by scaling up and partnering with WeWork to efficiently plan the expansion.

Streamlined collaboration, maximized resources, and expedited results all helped propel a more efficient buildout of the WeWork environments. Purposeful communication and consistent contact through WD-led workshops, frequent calls, discussions, and site visits helped maintain momentum throughout each of the planning processes.


BIM for the Win

By creating a 3D Building Information Model (BIM), project management became more collaborative and efficient. BIM’s knowledge-sharing capability helped reduce information loss during transfer of project ownership from phase to phase. BIM also enabled us to quickly provide more extensive information to the owners in a very clear and understandable way.

Thanks to a robust knowledge exchange between architecture and engineering, site management was a collective effort and any issues were resolved efficiently, resulting in the creation of vibrant and lively co-work environments that now fully realize all the must-haves of WeWork’s clients throughout India and several locations in the US.


More collaboration. Fewer cubicles. Happier workers.