What If Amazon Didn’t Exist?

What If Amazon Didn't Exist?

Birds are chirping. Bees are buzzing. Dogs are relaxed, because they aren’t worried about the Prime truck pulling up twice a day.

It was a simpler time before Amazon changed retail as we know it. We were totally cool with our online order taking a week to get to us. We were just happy we could buy a product that was hard to find in a store or without having to go to the store. Would we be better off if Amazon didn’t exist? It’s a fair question, with an impossible answer. But here’s my shot at it:

Because Amazon is hyper-focused on consumers and that has trickled ever so slowly into other companies’ mindsets, things would be slightly more difficult for all of us without the retail behemoth. I’m not talking walking to school 9 miles uphill in the snow both ways.

  • We’d have to be better about planning ahead when we go grocery shopping and not waiting until the last minute to buy chips and dip for the party. Or we’d have to actually go to the store.
  • Instead of reading 10 reviews before buying a toy for your niece online, we might ask some friends or even our sister if a slime-making kit is a good idea for a four-year old.
  • For a couple of prime summer weather days every mid-July, we might go for a nice bike ride on the trail or meet our friends for a happy hour after work instead of scrolling endlessly for the best Prime deals.

Ok, so in summary, no Amazon means…

  • A little more planning ahead.
  • More family time.
  • More outdoors time.
  • More happy hours.

And we all lived happily ever after.

In all reality, if Amazon didn’t exist, there likely would have been another Amazon that innovated around consumer needs and took a similar dominant position in the retail world. But Amazon got there first, and we live in a convenient, automatic, instant gratification world. Hey Alexa, order me some dip.


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