What If… Cannabis?

What If Cannabis?

Or maybe more appropriately, what’s next with cannabis?

What do we think cannabis retail will look like 10 years from now? Right now, growers, investors, brands and consumers are all trying to figure out how to approach the legal sale of cannabis at retail in the U.S.

Think about it. We’re in the infancy of new, burgeoning product category. In modern retail, it’s difficult to witness the birth and growth of such a significant product category from the start. Imagine what it was like to market and sell alcohol when it was first legalized. Except it’s 2019. It’s pretty remarkable to see all of the ways retailers are establishing the newly legal product. We’ve seen ultra-sleek and modern stores that elevate the product. There are dispensaries for true long-time cannabis experts who know exactly what they’re looking for. And there are also retailers that make it easy for first time buyers. So many ways to approach it from a retail perspective.

But our biggest questions, as strategists, designers, retailers and futurists are all about what’s next.

What will cannabis retail look like if it’s legalized throughout the country?

Will the stores that are establishing themselves in places like California, Colorado and Vegas flourish nationwide?

Or will we all shop for Cannabis at our local drugstore?

We’re keeping a close eye on the developments. To this point, it’s been intriguing to watch a product category grow. (Had to get one of those in there.)


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