What If: Our Predictions for 2019

What If: Our Predictions for 2019

What if all of our predictions for 2019 come true? We guarantee that … it’s very unlikely they all come true. But we’d be surprised if they all don’t partially play out over the next 365 days. Why are we so confident? Well, some of these predictions have already started, but we’re expecting the intensity to ramp up in 2019. Ok, that’s enough of an intro. Here we go:

  • If you think Amazon is done growing, you’re dead wrong. Healthcare? Banking? What industry will Jeff Bezos take over next?
  • Amazon Prime will make a big addition to its offering to combat growing backlash.
  • Stores will do many other things beyond selling goods. In-store clinics? Yes, those will continue, but so will several additional services, many related to health and wellness.
  • Another major retailer will shake up the healthcare landscape, sending shock waves through the industry. Companies will continue to form surprise partnerships and blur industry lines.
Retail Strategy
  • Smart retailers will adapt their spaces to take advantage of consumer needs, such as the expansion of BOPIS. The smartest retailers will have the vision to seamlessly jump between digital, brick and mortar and the services that blur both, enabling the customer to never experience a drop off.
  • Innovative retailers will take advantage of the stores that close by adapting low-rent spaces in unexpected ways.
  • Cross-industry mergers will continue to surprise analysts and consumers alike. But large brands who get stuck in their current models and past successes will lose relevancy quickly.
  • Digital-only brands will continue to expand to physical locations, following the footsteps of Allbirds, Casper and Warby Parker.

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