What If Holiday Shopping Was Fun Again?

What If Holiday Shopping Was Fun Again?

In a not so distant past, holiday shopping was fun. Friends and family made a tradition out of it. Groups would take a Saturday or Sunday and head to their favorite malls. They’d spend the day there and go to their favorite restaurant for dinner to recap the day and cross off a bunch of names on their shopping list. Sure, the stores were crowded, but everyone was in a good mood, music was playing, coffee was flowing. It was as close to a scene from a Hallmark movie as capitalism gets.

Fast forward to today. Brown boxes in the mail. Shopping on cell phones. Fights on Black Friday. Just kidding, Black Friday has been rescheduled to start during Thanksgiving dinner. Let’s skip dessert so we can wait in line at Best Buy.

There has to be a better way.

Holiday shopping can be fun again. What if consumers could buy their easy gifts online, yet still go out and have a fun experience shopping for the things they want to buy in the store? What if the hassle and the lines were manageable because every store had a smart BOPIS system in place? What if kids (and adults) could go to the toy store and play with all of the new toys? Wouldn’t that be an easy way for Santa to know exactly what everyone wants? Speaking of toy stores, can we have one period? What if everyone took a break from the shopping madness to be with family and friends all day on Thanksgiving?

Ok, ok, some stores will always be open Thanksgiving Day. But a holiday retail romantic can dream about the rest.


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