What If Amazon Buys Target?

What If Amazon Buys Target?

With the Whole Foods merger complete and Prime members receiving exclusive discounts as a part of the new Whole Foods loyalty program, the recent Amazon acquisition seems to be a success (at least for some). The seamless integration of these two seemingly opposite brands has many asking who is next on the Amazon’s shopping list.

Enter an adorable bull terrier. A merger with Target would give Amazon access to the highly-coveted moms market not to mention upping their physical store count to about 2,300 locations (from 470 stores). One might even envision small format Whole Foods markets inside select Target stores, making it the third largest grocery retailer in terms of physical stores. And what about Target’s partnership with CVS, a merger with the bullseye would allow Amazon to buy a health care business, accelerating their ambitions in the health care market.

If Amazon believes that the future of retail is a strategic mix of online and brick-and-mortar, than this merger could further solidify their position as some scary competition for those brands stagnant in their approach to wooing consumers.


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