What If Your Manager was a Robot Powered by AI?

What If Your Manager was a Robot Powered by AI?

Imagine a day when you walk into your office and learn that your formerly very human boss has been replaced by a robot. And not just any robot, but a learning robot that is powered by artificial intelligence and gets smarter the longer it “ingests” data. You know, like the robot that won Jeopardy. What would it be like to be trained by a robot, taken out to lunch on your first day by a robot, or have an annual review with a robot? Can you imagine asking a robot to approve your vacation request or give you a raise?

Versions of “weak” AI have already made their way into our everyday lives—Siri, Amazon’s Alexa, the Deep Blue machine that beat world champion chess player Garry Kasparov. “Strong” AI is poised to breakthrough in the next 10-15 years as companies like the Allen Institute for Artificial Intelligence and Google’s DeepMind project spend dollars and resources to develop and test this technology. In Klaus Schwab’s book, The Fourth Industrial Revolution, he shares results from a survey of 800 global business leaders predicting the breakthrough of game-changing technology—45% of respondents said that by 2025 they believe we’ll see Artificial Intelligence on a corporate board of directors.


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