What If All your Shoppers were Young?


If that were true, you’d have the largest generation, as millennials outnumber Baby Boomers by more than 8 million according to the US census and are much more diverse than previous generations. But what does this mean for retailers? It means if you want to capture (and keep) the attention of this insatiable audience, you better appeal to what motivates them. They spend a lot of time online on social media to form their identity and shopping habits; they grew up with technology and now they have the world in the palm of their hand. Many of them only go to a physical store to develop a relationship with the brand – so stocking the shelves with items a million other people have won’t impress them or entice them to buy. They want small quantity, local and individualized items. Doing what has always been done won’t win over this audience, they want a revolution in the retail industry, and it is time to give it to them.


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