What If Store Associates Disappear?


The latest research shows that store associates rank at the bottom of surveys investigating both appeal and influence on purchase during the shopping experience. Yet personal customer service based juggernauts like Apple and Sephora continuously outpace the competition. With automation being built into brick and mortar stores to compete with the convenience and speed of the online experience, where and how do store associates fit in?



  • It is vital that the retailer have people in place who are passionate, engaging and bring life to products sold in that store. It’s not enough to just have people there for the sake of being there to make stock look beautiful. Many times walk in store not greeted, talked to or even see store associates with no smile. If your not happy , how can you make your customers happy? The other thing strikes is hearing opinions not appropriate on selling floor, customers should be appealed to on the products, services offered not hear, get to personal in general.

    I was in a store and for a time , could not believe how difficult became buy , just walked out of the store. See unsmiling, store associates, gathering with check out line piling with people buy just became more than one could bear. I did buy online and will only go store get an idea.


  • Mr. Ching’s experience is all to familiar to me but it’s not just the retail environment, customer service in America is at an all time low across the board, having worked for 2 major corporations in my life time that concentrated on building their brand on great customer service and having owned a couple retail businesess of my own, I am very keen to my less then stellar customer service received from some of the retailers I have visited to the point I have been thinking of starting a consulting business on how to ensure your frontline employees are handling your customers condusive to a great experience while in your business, I have a new venture that I am working on now which is an online fashion boutique for men and women my ex girlfriend says Im taking to long to launch it because Im over thinking things and researching too much, no I beg to differ its this kind of info that I am looking for to ensure I am giving my customer’s the best possible buying experience when they come to my online boutique.

    P.S Ironically from what I see it’s the Millinealls that are providing bad customer service, having just read the survey about how they give sales associates low grades, well they are in the same age group and they don’t have a good sense of what customer service should be.

  • The human factor always have its significance.
    Having an excellent store assosiates compliments the purchansing process and can bring the shopping experience to diffrent levels.
    To make the shopper feel important,
    to make them feel that their taste and choice are valued,
    to make them feel warmly welcomed,
    to make them feel trendy and popular,
    When you take out your pressues money out of your wallet – in that specific moment – to find someone repetatly compliment your choice …
    These are the building blocks that keeps the shopping visiting that store …

    Note: ofcourse the product must be Good 🙂

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