You Can Call Me AL

You Can Call Me AL

By Andre W. Lozano

The below is the first of what we hope is many columns from WD’s Account Manager, Andre Lozano. For the last several months Andre has shared a weekly round-up with our company that includes news about retail, brands, podcasts, social media & even family trips to Disney World. He’s been inspiring our team to look for inspiration in new places and we thought he might inspire you too.

Hey everyone, I’m Andre, an account manager by trade, but you can call me Al. The reason why I’m able to share a little bit about me… my hunch is that my weekly SportsCenter-like emails/newsletters featuring trends and insights are working. So, we want to share a little of my thought process with the world… just a little.

Within the past two months, I saw amazing articles about brand experiences, huge company mergers and acquisition as well as major brands closures and bankruptcy announcements. A LOT is happening in the retail world.

As I get bombarded by millions of news stories from multiple channels and work with top retailers on a daily basis… one question always comes back to mind, what is the secret to a “good” branding experience?

I will take a crack at answering this…

IMO it comes down to two things:

First, the ability to change and adapt. For example, Sears was a 126-year-old empire that not only survived World War 1 and 2 but also the Great Depression, yet they couldn’t survive the speed of innovation in the marketplace TODAY and they are now “dead in the water.”

Second, know who you are. What do you stand for? What’s your mission statement? Who is your shopper or what shoppers do you want to attract? Better yet what’s your brand north star? Again, let me explain… my favorite analogy is to use Michael Phelps. He knew his mission and his north star. It just so happens that his north star was to break just about every swimming record in the books. From a brand perspective, observe Allbirds, Warby Parker, Amazon and Tesla, to name a few. They know who they are, their mission, their north star. Imagine if Tesla tried to be like Amazon… I actually think that would be interesting, but they are not Amazon. They have a very specific customer and their products and branding are done really well with that customer in mind.

When working on a brand, you should look back and say everything you did was exactly in line with the brand you set out to be. Your brand vision is clear and you did not stray from that story. To me, to us, that’s everything, and we love problem solving with you to take the steps to get you there as a brand.

If you’re in control of it, you have the ability to change and adapt. Where is the value of not evolving?

One of you,


Andre Lozano
Andre W. Lozano
Account Manager
WD Partners

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