WDCast: All Business, No Jargon

WDCast: All Business, No Jargon

After repeatedly hearing, “you guys should really do a podcast”, we decided what the people want, the people get. So we did a thing! We made a podcast. It’s called WDCast and it launched in June. The premise is simple: let’s talk about the change happening in our business and the world.

Disruption is the name of the game and it appears that no business or industry is safe. From consumers shifting demands, new competitors popping up on the daily and those tiny computers in our pocket giving us 24/7 access to all our hearts’ desires… times they are a-changing.

Every episode features WD’s Lee Peterson, retail veteran and consumer expert, as he discusses super relevant business topics with equally relevant and interesting guests.

Here are highlights of a few episodes you missed so far (in no particular order):

If Robots Could Talk…. (a conversation with Alexa) »
In honor of Prime Day, we couldn’t think of a better person to talk to then Amazon’s own Alexa. Okay, so maybe not a person, but you know what we mean. Does she have the answers to how retail is changing and what the future holds? Or can she simply order more paper towels and crack a few Yo Mama jokes? Join Lee Peterson and the always affable Alexa, as they discuss privacy issues, all things Amazon and a potential trip to Hawaii.
Healthcare: Who Survives (a conversation with Dan Stanek) »
What does the routine healthcare picture look like today and how different might it look in the future? WD talked with more than 2,600 healthcare decision makers to find out how they make decisions, what their preferences are and what needs to change in the industry. Lee Peterson & Dan Stanek discuss trends and the results of our research in this week’s episode.
Google does BOPIS (a conversation with Chris Lydle) »
Buy Online Pick-Up in Store, Click & Collect, Ship to Store, BOPIS…no matter what you call it this offering has become a retail table stake. As a crucial fulfillment method, the adoption of BOPIS is phenomenal and in a recent WD study, 86% of consumers rated BOPIS as the number one digital integration they wanted to see in store. Lee Peterson & Google’s Chris Lydle discuss BOPIS efforts, the importance of this not so new retail concept and how brands can be doing it better.
A Guy Walks Into a Bank… (a conversation with Adam Ferguson) »
While many banks are closing branches, our latest guest believes there’s potential for banks to evolve their “stores” and go beyond the transactional experience to create a place of connections, advice and security. It’s where the magic of data coupled with thoughtful and knowledgeable advisors go from “let’s get you a savings account” to “let’s talk about the options you have with a new baby on the way”. But it’ll take courage and patience to get there. Join Lee Peterson and Adam Ferguson, SVP Brand Director at Huntington National Bank, as they discuss issues banks are facing today and what the future can hold.

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