A Lot of Catching Up, in 3 Simple Steps

How digital solutions can reshape the retail environment, increasing consumer traffic and revenue.

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By Alexis Yamokoski

We’ve got a lot of catching up to do. Consumers’ expectations of digital experiences at retail far exceed anything most retailers currently offer. While companies everywhere are racing to be the newest, coolest and most buzzworthy, it’s easy to lose sight of what consumers are actually looking for: relevancy.

Consumers are choosing experiences that simplify shopping and make it more enjoyable. And the details going on behind the scenes are not their concern. We have a tendency to give digital experiences a bunch of fancy names, like Omnichannel, 360 Marketing, and the Internet of Things. We have to remember everyday consumers approach it as shopping and nothing more complicated than that. As easily as their smart phones connect them to the outside world, they expect the same seamless experience when engaging with digital at retail. Welcome to the new www – what, where, and when I want it world, ruled by consumers.

At WD Partners, we’ve done our research. We’ve talked to consumers of all ages about this topic. And one thing is for certain; each wants their digital experience to be unique to the retail setting and relevant to their shopper mindset. It isn’t something to be accessed from their living room (a.k.a. sending consumers to your brand site when standing in front of your retail display). We have to remember that consumers go through a series of shopping mindsets, and being relevant means providing value-added content at the appropriate time in their journey. It’s critical to understand where your consumers are in their shopping journey and what information they need to make a confident purchase.

A Lot of Catching Up, in 3 Simple Steps

In fashion, perhaps she wants her bestie’s opinion on what color looks best. You can make this possible by providing a real-time digital solution allowing her to virtually share her new look in every color with her bestie, and 100’s of other friends in her social network. In electronics, an overwhelming category where brands struggle to differentiate within a sea of sameness, shoppers seek confidence that they are purchasing the right product at the right price. You can provide them that by offering peer and industry ratings and reviews with a single tap and a price comparison tool right at their fingertips. No matter the situation, you can tailor digital solutions to empower your consumer. Provide them the tools to make confident decisions and build trust with your brand.

Here are 3 simple steps to win their hearts, and in turn, their dollars.

  1. Understand what your consumers need to feel confident.
  2. Identify touch points along their shopping journey to give them just that.
  3. Provide relevant digital solutions that are unique to the retail experience.

So, the moral of this story is that it’s time for retail to catch up. It’s not too late; the race isn’t over. Get to know your consumer and show them that you care by offering smart and thoughtful digital solutions designed to make each in-store experience meaningful.

Alexis Yamokoski
Alexis Yamokoski
Vice President, Brand, Strategy & Design
WD Partners

Alexis is an insights-obsessed strategist with a creative mind. She’s a thinker, a doer, a creator, and an innovator. Alexis inspires and guides using her strategic thinking to deliver compelling, impactful client solutions. With a PhD in sociology and more than 10 years of agency and in-house marking and advertising experience, Alexis has a proven track record for building successful, research-based sales, marketing, and communication initiatives. Her specialty is blending strategy and creative to drive brand objectives, deliver the optimal brand experience, build brand loyalty, and drive sales.