Best of WDCast

Best of WDCast

Looking for something to listen to as you walk the dog for the 100th time? Or maybe you need a break from hearing your kids bickering over what to watch on Netflix? Well have we got a treat for you!

Meet WDCast—our bi-weekly(ish) podcast that features industry thought leaders, movers, shakers and all around wicked smart people. In each episode, Lee Peterson (retail veteran and consumer expert) chats it up with our esteemed guests to get their opinions, point of views and musings on what’s going on in the world today and what it means for brands and consumers. Below are three of our favorite episodes from the last few months. Enjoy!

Ex-Walmart Exec & Founder of Tomorrow Retail Consulting, Jordan Berke: Where Digital & Physical Collide

In a mere 8 weeks (thanks global pandemic), we’ve seen a 5-year step change in American’s shopping behavior when it comes to everyday essentials. And it’s not stopping anytime soon. Consumers will continue to increase their reliance on online shopping in the coming months, and this episodes’ guest predicts that retailers will see over 50% of their growth and total sales coming from digital channels. Jordan Berke an ex-Walmart executive and Founder of Tomorrow Retail Consulting, joins Lee Peterson to discuss the trends he lived through while leading Walmart’s China eCommerce & Digital Operations and why brands must adapt their approach to digital transformation within the store environment and throughout the customer journey.

Listen or view Jordan’s full episode here.

WD Partners, Chris Doerschlag: Leave the Ego at the Door

The man, the myth, the legend. We may be biased, but our special guest in this episode is our own CEO Chris Doerschlag. Leader of over 400 people, architect by trade, father to 8 kids, son of 2 immigrants, music junkie, and a creative wizard in the kitchen…Chris has some stories to tell! In this episode Chris joins Lee Peterson where he shares his philosophy of working with and managing people, why understanding human nature helps him empower others, his vision for WD, and so much more.

Listen to Chris’ full episode here.

Whole Foods, Gabrielle Rosi: A Whole Lotta Love

Whole Foods is known for quality, education and localization and as the Sr. Director of Store Design, Gabby Rosi has played a major role in the customer experience and aesthetic of the brand. For the past 26 years Gabby has been working for a brand that she loves and has been involved in the design and creation of nearly 100 stores. Her artistic roots go deep as both her mom and dad are artists and her grandmother was an opera singer who traveled the country in the 30s. Gabby, a fellow Chicago native, joins Lee Peterson in this episode to discuss her career, the growth of Whole Foods and the importance of stores.

Listen to Gabby’s full episode here.

None of these tickle your fancy? Well we’ve got plenty more to choose from. Check out our full episode library here.


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