2020 Predictions

2020 Predictions

A new day. A new year. A new decade! What better way to start fresh than with a list of business predictions. We gathered several predictions directly from some of our guests on our podcast WDCast. In addition, we talked to several of our thought leaders here at WD Partners. What does the next year have in store? (See what we did there)

The continued development of AI and automation. It’s fascinating to the think of the 2050 job market being characterized by human-AI cooperation rather than the competition.
– Chris Spinelli, Strategic Development, Waze

March of the robots! More than ever, the increase in the minimum wage + rapid turnover for lower wage jobs will require certain businesses to take a critical turn to automation. The majority of the automated jobs will be non-customer facing tasks in the back of house of restaurants, as well as in warehouses.
– Mark Bateman, VP, Business Development, WD Partners

[Because of all the stresses in our world today] the decompression zone once you walk into the store is one of the most critical aspects – that people can transition themselves into the shopping mode.
– Marcie Merriman, Managing Director, EY

Amazon is going to pass Walmart in revenue.

Online sales (w/o gas, autos, restaurants, bars) will break 25% of total sales on their way to +50%.

Influencers will fade into the same sunset mullets dove into.

More millennials will take more CEO jobs than ever before.
– Lee Peterson, EVP – Thought Leadership & Marketing, WD Partners

We’re due for a market correction. So, will it be as deep as a recession? I’m not sure, but I do think there will be a correction.
– Melissa Gonzalez, CEO & Founder, The Lionesque Group

Major technology companies (AMZN, Google, Apple) reveal their health and wellness strategies in a much clearer manner, creating further healthcare disruption.

Telehealth makes significant strides toward much greater adoption.

Retail healthcare expands its footprint to a much greater terrain.
– Dan Stanek, Executive Vice President, WD Partners

What do you think will happen in 2020? Leave a reply below and let us know!


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