The Naughty or Nice List

The Naughty or Nice List

As we prepare to put a bow on 2019, we thought it would be fitting to ask the experts (our own WD associates) which brands they'd put on the naughty or nice list. In no particular order, here are a few brands that are standing out for all the right or wrong reasons.


Abercrombie & Fitch
"They regularly miss the mark on what is relevant or important in today's culture, especially when it comes to women’s value and size."
"The network's algorithms were already giving me a headache, but the privacy and data breaches made me finally delete my account (and it has stayed deleted)."
Victoria's Secret
"I am shocked that it has taken them this long to figure out that they need to evolve their brand with their customer. I think women will always want to feel sexy but I think the definition of what sexy is has evolved and they have not evolved with it."
"They are failing to recapture market share because they failed to adapt. Outdated brick and mortar stores and lack of innovation are the reasons why they continue to shutter locations."


"Won the 2019 United Nation's Champions of the Earth award for placing sustainability and environmental activism at the center of their business."
"Their development of the House of Innovation and using those learnings and actually using that in other retailers is spectacular. They are so good at using technology in a way that makes sense to their brand. The other amazing thing about them is that their products continue to innovate as well. They and Adidas are really at the cutting edge of sports technology."
"Love that they partnered with Kohl's this year for in-store return drop-offs. I get a really quick refund from Amazon, and Kohl's gives me a 25% off in-store coupon. Even when I have to return something, I'm happy!"
"They appeal to the busy customer who can conveniently shop for almost anything on their smart phone. Offering 1-day delivery is a game changer and it's giving the brand a unique competitive advantage against everyone else."
"For all the things, especially smells."

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