All I Want for Christmas: A Letter to Retailers

Customers Tell Us What They Want from Retailers

All I Want for Christmas: A Letter to Retailers

By WayfinD Editorial Staff

Are you singing that loved (or is it hated) Mariah Carey Christmas song in your head? Seems like you can’t walk into a store post Halloween without hearing that tune belted out of Mimi’s mouth. It’s the holiday season—lists are being written, deals are being hunted and subtle hints are dropped to ensure you get at least one present you want this year. But have retailers ever asked what YOU want from them? In the era of customer first, omni-everything and traditional retail not being enough anymore, you’d think retailers would take a keen interest in what their customers want from them. We decided to take it upon ourselves to hit the streets and ask the million-dollar question.

What do you want from retailers?

One of my biggest problems with brick-and-mortar stores is taking the paid associate’s word for the quality of the product. I would really like the ability to read an aggregate of real-time reviews from genuine customers, not paid affiliates or influencers, sourced from multiple reputable websites at the products location in the store.

Fredrick Mason, Digital Immigrant

What I want for Christmas is transparency. That may sound boring, but I think it’d be really cool if I knew exactly when the good sales were going to happen ahead of time. Obviously, there are huge discounts on Black Friday, but if I knew that I could get the same deals on December 12th and still get the items shipped to me in time for Christmas, then why would I spend a half hour just looking for a parking spot the day after Thanksgiving? It would also be awesome if they were transparent (and accurate) about how many items they have left. Give me real time updates. If I knew the store 50 miles away had 10 of the TVs I want left, then I’d make the drive. That’s way better then showing up and getting nothing from the local store.

Keith Diego, Digital Native

All I want for Christmas is faster shipping, without paying an arm and a leg, and without playing the “5-7 business days” guessing game. Look, I’m a Millennial, you KNOW I’m going to procrastinate on my Christmas shopping. When I shift into “Oh sh*t” mode, I’ll have no choice but to pay for the convenience of Amazon rather than the quality of my favorite brands. So I hope this message finds you well (in 5-7 business days)!

Candace Otis, Digital Native

Paying off school makes paying off gifts for my friends and family that much harder. I would like my retailer to guarantee me I am getting the best price available. I also want them to offer me unique and genuine gift ideas. I refuse to have a repeat of last year where me and three other friends all got each other the exact same thing. It was cute but it can’t happen again.

Daniel Vantell, Digital Native

All I want from retailers this year is for someone in their stores to be nice to me… you know, I think it’s called “service”. And I’m not talking about Cesear-esque type of stuff, like wash my feet or anything… just tell me where the frickin’ toys are! And in a nice way. Why are restaurants so much better at this? Speaking of, I saw a restaurant inside a retailer the other day, that’s a good idea… maybe they can train the retailers about service. Anyway, that’s my big wish: Dear Santa, this xmas, please bring me some service at retail… lest I have to go visit the devil, Amazon, again and again.

Bruce Field, Digital Immigrant

I want the ability to purchase a “fast pass” to cut the checkout line to get my holiday shopping done as efficiently as possible. I would love the ability to skip the long lines that tend to be the longest part of my shopping experience.

Conner Flannery, Digital Native

Give me a buy online pick-up in store solution that’s convenient to me, not to you! I don’t want to stand in line with the woman who needs a price adjustment on the 20 cans of cat food she bought or the guy who wants to return a pair of socks but can’t find his receipt. Nor do I want to wait at the side of your cash wrap trying to make eye contact with an associate while I can see my order sitting on a shelf. In fact, I don’t even want to come into the store. I already ordered and PAID for my items and I’d rather you just bring them to me in the comfort and warmth of my car. Especially if I’ve got any or all of my three kids with me!

Terri Williams, Digital Native-ish

What do I wish from retailers you ask? How ‘bout start making real effing clothes that fit real effing humans? Would that be too much to ask? In all seriousness, I love to shop and buy clothes during the holidays, but a small at one store is a large at another store. Just looking for a little consistency people. And a free cat with purchase 🙂

Michael Shimansky, Digital Immigrant

Well! Wasn’t that fun? We have more if you want ‘em, just write us an essay, no longer than 1,000 words, and we’ll enter you into our ‘best customer comments’ contest at no charge. Merry, merry, y’all! Your friendly elves at WayfinD.


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