Choose One: Amazon or Walmart?

Choose One: Amazon or Walmart?

As Walmart dominates brick and mortar and Amazon reigns supreme in ecommerce, a readers’ poll between these two retail giants was inevitable. Walmart continues to drive innovation through acquisition of brands like Jet, Bonobos and Modcloth while Amazon tests, learns and expands their bricks footprint with the acquisition of Whole Foods and the growth of Amazon Go and Amazon Pick-Up lockers. Which brand do you think has what it takes to continue to thrive in the ever changing retail landscape?

Choose One: Amazon or Walmart?

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  • Amazon spent 29 billion last year on RD. It is one of the reasons they win the race for our retail dollars.
    Also Amazon will connect with each generation as they be come shoppers and each generation will be more connected using mobile technology and ecommerce to shop.

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