Will the Amazon & Whole Foods Merger Work?

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Will the Amazon & Whole Foods Merger Work?

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  • Not to be the nay sayer here, however: did we not see this out of Amway some 20 years ago?!! They re-branded their whole foods division and called it Quixstar. You could order your groceries (sans perishables) delivered to your door via USPS/UPS. Inside two days. Two! Amway set up distribution points country wide so product delivery delays were minimised.
    How do we not see that Amazon will come on scene with this hot and fast, only to have the luster of home delivery wear off just as fast, and consumers return to their grocery stores of choice?
    Folks: New isn’t always better. Sometimes it isn’t even new. Let us wait and see how this pans out. And we haven’t even gotten to the labour side of the issue: if you purchase “everything” from on-line, where do you find employment? Who will make the articles locally? Darned sure they won’t be made in America if you, as the consumer, demand lowest prices for dry goods!
    That is, however, fodder for another day.

  • I’m interested to see how one brand influences the other. I don’t typically buy food from Amazon, or non-food items from Whole Foods. And I haven’t gotten great results from the home-delivery food companies I’ve tried in the past. I’m hopeful for positive results from combining their strengths, rather than a dilution of the quality I see in each brand.

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