PromoWest – Stage AE

Versatile, branded architecture

Stage AE

Since its emergence in the 1940s, the rock music industry has been a volatile, restless creature that has continuously evolved and reinvented itself. As the number of modern sub-genres grows, audiences are splitting off into niche communities of concert goers. Accordingly, smaller venues are asserting their dominance.

In response to this trend, PromoWest Productions – the Midwest’s largest independent entertainment company – successfully inaugurated a new era of concerts with their unique indoor-outdoor venue, LC Pavilion, in Columbus, Ohio. The massive success of the LC led them to establish a similar entertainment site in the Pittsburgh market called Stage AE. PromoWest hired WD Partners to design, engineer and build the new venue.

Stage AE Stats

  • Main floor: 22,305 sq. ft.
  • Second floor: 13,931 sq. ft.
  • Indoor capacity: 2400
  • Outdoor capacity: 5500
  • Main outdoor plaza capacity: 750
  • Indoor club capacity: 300
  • One-of-a-kind reversible stage
  • Advanced acoustical systems
  • State-of-the-art lighting

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