In-store experiential marketing


Intel has a 48 year tradition of creating innovative products that improve the way people live and work around the globe. They are the largest semiconductor chip maker in the world. Intel needed a partner to help increase brand awareness and drive purchase. We worked with Intel to create an experiential marketing campaign that highlighted devices with Intel inside, and focused on driving conversion at retail locations.

By creating an experiential omni-channel marketing campaign using an in-store component that was executed at malls and various other retailers throughout Asia-Pacific, consumer were able to get an innovative hands-on experience.

We collaborated with Intel and local-market agencies in Asia-Pacific to bring the experience to life, and built a functional prototype and provided detailed support documents to aid the local team in the launch and execution of the marketing experience.

The campaign was initially launched in multiple Asian markets, including Bangkok, Thailand with plans to expand in additional markets in the coming months.
The results of the campaign exceeded client expectations on brand perception, within just 3 days of launch in Bangkok:

  • 15% increase in perception that Intel is more innovative than other tech brands
  • 13% increase that Intel is associated with a variety of technology products, not just PCs
  • 22% increase in purchase intent

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